Cotton and wool socks may be used as convenient variations to the materials needed for a heating compress treatment!


Wet socks can be applied specifically for conditions involving the feet and ankles such as sprains, strains, pain, inflammation etc.  In addition, wet socks are great for relieving conditions like headaches, ear infections, sore throats, and lung problems since the feet have a special reflex relation with the upper body.


Even individuals with no complaints can benefit from wet socks at bedtime – the treatment effectively induces deeper and more restful sleep while enhancing overall body circulation and tissue waste elimination!


Wet socks are best done before going to bed, leaving them on while sleeping.  It’s an especially effective and easy treatment for children during nap time too.



ü      Pair of medium weight cotton socks

ü      Pair of thick wool socks



1.        make sure your feet are warm before applying treatment

2.      soak cotton socks in cold water, wring out and put on feet

3.       put wool socks over that, being sure the dry wool socks cover all of the wet cotton socks

4.      leave on overnight or remove when dry



·        Consider wet t-shirts and wet underwear for treating chest and pelvic region discomforts and ailments too!

·        Be creative, you can cut out sleeves, pant legs, etc. from old cotton/wool clothing to make other custom fitted compresses for different parts of your body!





If treatment cannot be done directly on area of concern, compresses can always be applied to its corresponding reflex area to illicit an effect – for body parts that come in pairs, one side serves as a reflex area for the other – for example, if the left ankle is in a cast, treatment can be applied to the right ankle to illicit a healing effect for the injury.