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Saving Money and Feeling Well

February is the beginning of the Chinese New Year. This infrormation will help those of you who have run short of things to celebrate. In the Chinese Zodiac 2011 is the year of the Rabbit. Carrots will therefore be the vegetable of the year and leafy greens will be part of the festivities as well. I believe rabbits generally hop along, but it will be acceptable to take a good walk, hike or run for your daily excercise.

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 Saving Money and Feeling Well


Dr. Keaton, Melanie and Nicole wish you a wonderful year full of positive changes!  We are committed to helping you make improvements in your health as well as offering guidance when you are not feeling well.


Looking for a way to save money on your office visits? 


Here are a few suggestions.


1. We would like to offer you the opportunity to provide your friends and family members with the same exceptional experience and peace-of-mind with their health issues. The Refer-A-Friend Program is a special you can enjoy all year.  Every time a new patient gives your name as the person who told them about Dr. Keaton, you receive a $12 "Thank You" certificate.  When you refer friends or relatives ask that they give us your name. They get the care and help they need, you are thanked and we are grateful for the opportunity to help.


2. We reward patients who prioritize their health. Meeting with Dr. Keaton for your recommended visits earns you a $15 certificate in your birthday card as well as good thoughts for a healthy year.  We love helping you with your health needs and seeing you stay on track towards better health.  


3. Dr. Keaton continues to write informative newsletters free to her patients. These email newsletters include a coupon for discounts on products or services. When a friend mentions a health issue direct them to our website. There are posted newsletters with self-help suggestions for many common health questions.  Referring others to the web site can help them find self care solutions. You will earn a referral certificate if they become a patient. The newsletters are posted on the web site for use by all.


4. Earn one free session with a series of 6 prepaid sessions of acupuncture or NAET allergy treatments. Dr. Keaton feels it is important in most instances to administer 6 to 8 treatments for relief of symptoms and correction of imbalances in the patient. We encourage the series with these plans to save you money. 


6. Review the previous newsletter "Communication with your physician".  When we are all prepared and clear on the goals of your visit it may allow for a shorter scheduled time. Charges are based on time spent with the doctor.  To get more out of the visit, while spending less time and money come prepared with a few notes to help us stay on track with your goals.



5. Receive $5.00 off your next visit by scheduling at the time of the current visit and keeping your scheduled appointment time. This also saves the aggravation of remembering to call us or playing phone tag with Nicole and Melanie. This is a wonderful way to stay on track with your health commitments.   



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Remember: Refer-A-Friend Program is a special you can enjoy all year.  Every time a new patient gives your name as the person who told them about Dr. Keaton, you receive a $12 "Thank You" certificate.