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Staying Healthy In Winter
Our Wishes for a Healthy Happy New Year
from Dr. Keaton, Melanie & Michael 
January / 2009 
 We have many more ways to treat viral illness such as colds and the flu than conventional medicine.   The best treatments are still those that prevent the virus from getting a good start. 

Stress and Traveling 
 Many people can attest to stress and airplane trips as major events that can lead to an infection.  During the winter you may need to give in to the desire for a bit more sleep. 
It is important to spend some time doing things that make you feel less stress and more joy, whether that is a hike, sewing, reading, tennis or listening to music.  
Remember to pick up water in the terminal to drink on the plane. Consider Emergen C, Airborne, Energy formula or Echinacea and vitamin C to take on the plane and in case you get symptoms while traveling. I always travel with Esberitox or Isatis Gold and Oscillococcinum.

vitamin c
There are three treatments scientifically proven to reduce chances you will get a cold or flu. 
1.Daily vitamin C of at least 100 mg daily even for children.
2.Acidophilus or "proflora" which are normal gut inhabitants.
3. Fish oil and vitamin D.  It seems the old wives tale of cod liver oil prevention was true.  Vitamin D is one of the more widely researched nutrients this year.  It seems most adults can take 1,000 to 2,000 IU daily without risk of getting too much.
If you get an infection this is a table to help you differentiate if it is a cold or a flu virus.

Please Click on this Link to see a Printable Large Version of the Table
Continued Treatment
  Do not ignore a nagging sore throat. 
Treating early with herbs and homeopathy can prevent a full-blown infection.
The flu season is late this year (or maybe will be mild).  I am recommending another course of Influenzinum flu prevention in January this year.
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