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Flu Shots November 2005
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    It is on the news and there are signs everywhere. “Get Your Flu Shots”.

    Dr. Dana Keaton
    Consider alternatives to a flu shot

    It is on the news and there are signs everywhere. “Get Your Flu Shots”. Patients who read a bit deeper, or who have had bad experiences with the shots in the past are calling the office for advice.

    We cannot give blanket advice to everyone over the phone, but I would like to offer my opinion for your use in deciding whether a vaccine injection is appropriate.

    First, I myself would not subject myself to a viral injection. I am continually exposed to the cold and flu, but I feel other resources are safer.

    Product Information

    Over the last 5 years the office has offered a product to protect from the flu called Dolivaxil. It has been so effective that we sold twice as much each year as the previous year due to word of mouth success.

    We asked all patients with the flu over that 5-year period if they had used the Dolivaxil. Only two cases had and they reported much less severe and shorter duration using the Dolivaxil.

    The company had done a clinical study on 100 people showing 85% protected 9% partial results and 6% failure. That is a great success for any product.

    Well now the bad news. Boiron (the makers of Oscillococcinum) Bought out Dolisos (the maker of Dolivaxil) and did not produce the product this year. After many calls to various companies I found it was too late to replicate the package called Dolivaxil for this year.

    The good news is that we are making up vials of another companies influenzinum for use this year. The packaging is not as fancy, but is currently available at the office. Dolisos made one series for each year based on the strains predicted to be a problem by the Center for Disease Control. The current mix we have available is a mix of both Influenza A and B strains.

    The dosage is to administer 3 pellets under the tongue once a week for 4 weeks. Wait 3 weeks, and then take 3 more pellets. Homeopathic medicines are dissolved under the tongue at least 1 hour before or after any food or drink except water.

    Additional Treatments

    If I do get a scratchy throat, or other symptoms that alert me to a potential cold or flu I immediately begin treatment. I have never taken or needed Tamiflu. I get an intravenous nutrient shot, take either Gripp- Heel by BHI or Oscillococcinum and begin Isatis Gold and vitamin C every two hours.

    This usually works and at worst I have a short course of symptoms. I recommend you keep a homeopathic and antiviral herb mix on hand as well as vitamin C and zinc lozenges.

    Oscillococcinum is the #1 over the counter flu medicine in France and is rapidly gaining popularity in the U.S. It is available at most drugstores. It has been clinically shown to decrease the duration and intensity of flu symptoms in 4 large trials. There have been varied results on the effectiveness of Echinacea in cold and flu.

    I know many people including myself find it works. I do use a combination herbal (I prefer Isatis Gold) and I recommend dosing it every 2 hours at the first sign of symptoms along with Vitamin C.

    Of interest, Oscillococcinum is derived from the liver and heart of ducks that carry the virus. It may be effective if the “bird flu” becomes a health issue. By the way homeopathic such as Oscillococcinum and influenzinum do not have the actual duck liver or flu virus in the product, that is what they are originally derived from, but there is a dilution and imprinting process that leaves only the action.