October 2010
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Flu Shot 2010
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Influenzinum Pellets
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It is fall and Flu season is due to begin. We all hope for a mild season, but it is too soon to know the strains or the severity. Flu shot advertisements are everywhere this month.   For those of us who want protection without the injected vaccine there are alternatives.

 Influenzinum Pellets


PelletsEach year our office has available an oral homeopathic preparation that can reduce your chances of becoming ill.  This year we now have available the influenzinum pellets we have carried in the past few years.  Also we are ordering a strain specific formula for the strains expected to create illness this year.  Both will be available in our office. The formula specific for this year will cost $8.32 instead of the Infuenza A and B, which is $6.00.  The directions remain the same with weekly dosing.

Frequently asked questions about this type of treatment:


Can we still use last years vial if we have some left?  Yes. One vial has enough for several family members, so those of you who do not share probably have some from last year to begin now.


Can the children also use this?  Yes.  It is the same dose for all ages since it is homeopathic.  The sugar pellets are easy to give the children.  (Much easier than the shot in the arm.)


When should we start the first weekly dose?  I suggest starting in October.  If you hear about a flu outbreak anywhere in the country start immediately.  The flu travels across the country very rapidly. 


Can we repeat the dosing if the flu outbreak comes later in the year? Yes.  Repeat the same dosing schedule, which is every week for four weeks, wait 3 weeks  Then take the last dose.  If the flu comes around later (or again), repeat weekly for 4 weeks again.


If I get a flu shot can I still take the homeopathic prevention?  Yes. Homeopathy works differently than the viral injection and does not interact with the vaccine.  Since it is an energy medicine and there is no actual virus left in the preparation it is; quite safe.


Prevention is always best


Remember if you feel you may be coming down with a viral illness it is important to treat early to avoid a full course of the illness.  There are many oral preparations as well as the intravenous treatment we often recommend. 


Refer to earlier newsletters on our website for treatment suggestions. We have a new formula that is liquid for adults and children called Viraclear.  It is well studied and appears to work best taken at the first sign of symptoms.  This is true of most herbal preparations.


Prevention is always best.  Besides the Flu prevention homeopathic there are other reasonable measures.  Take care to get rest, wash your hands, and eat your vegetables.  Add some garlic to the vegetables as well. 


The most studied supplements for prevention are fish oil with vitamin D, Pro flora/Acidophilus, and Vitamin C.See previous newsletters on our web site for more tips to get through the flu season without illness. There is also a handy table to help differenciate colds from flu by your symptoms


Dr. Dana Keaton
Center For Natural Medicine