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Center For Natural Medicine Newsletter First Aid
October 2008
 Accidents do happen.  I want you all to have some handy first aid tips for those small injuries you can handle at home.
Whether it is a bang that can cause a bruise or a more drastic event, there are some great ways to improve your outcome.  

traumeelArnica or Traumeel can prevent that minor collision from creating an ugly bruise.  Immediate application is the key.  I keep homeopathic Arnica and Traumeel in my purse, medicine chest, and in my backpack. Apply a small amount of Traumeel and take 3 pellets of Arnica immediately and repeat every 3 or 4 hours.
If the bump is of larger magnitude you may still prevent a bruise if you act quickly.  If you drop a brick on your foot apply the Traumeel and then a cold pack on top of the area. Take homeopathic Arnica 200C, 3 pellets just once. This experiment has already been tried and proven, so please do not repeat it.

More serious falls may need evaluation at the urgent care or our office.  In most cases elevate the area; apply the Traumeel, then cold packs. Rest an effected arm or leg until it has been evaluated, do not continue activities that may increase damage and swelling.
Cold can be applied by an ice pack or frozen peas or corn wrapped in a damp towel. Twenty minutes of ice should be followed by 40 minutes without cold and repeated 3 times a day. More than 20 minutes at a time of ice to one area can be damaging.  Apply a wrap such as an elastic bandage to reduce swelling.

When there is a cut that is bleeding do not apply the Traumeel or Arnica lotion to the open area.  You may apply it around the actual cut area or take the tablets by mouth.  First clean the area with soap and water.  

 To slow bleeding either Stevia herb or cayenne pepper can be put on the cut, then apply a sterile dressing and apply pressure. If the bleeding continues after 5 minutes or if the cut is over one inch long or 1/4-inch deep call for help.  Small cuts can be cleansed and then a "butterfly bandage" can be used to hold the edges together.
Call for help if the injury is on the face or hand or if you need a tetanus booster. 
Taking Arnica by mouth can help any trauma.  A higher number such as an Arnica 200C may only require one or two doses of 3 Pellets.  With a lower potency such as Arnica 12C take 3 pellets every hour until you can be evaluated.

Minor burns on small areas such as a finger touching a burner or a burn from a curling iron can be treated to reduce pain and blistering. 
If it is a burn on a small area that does not require medical care, immediately apply Traumeel then immerse in cold water for 10 to 15 minutes

Repeat the Traumeel application several times a day as needed to reduce pain and blistering.
Blisters should not be broken, and if they are, retain the skin covering as much as possible. Soak the area in a solution of one cup Epsom salts in 2 cups warm water.

Rinse with hydrogen peroxide.  Apply antibiotic cream and cover with a sterile non -stick pad or a product called 2nd Skin.
Repeat this twice a day or if the area becomes wet or dirty.

If our patients are unsure if they require stitches on cuts or X ray for fractures we will fit you in the schedule that day.  In emergency you can call 911 and ask for emergency room transportation.
If the situation is less critical and you can drive to an Urgent or Now care center they often have shorter waiting times than the emergency room. 
It is a good idea to go online and locate the center near you now, so you are prepared.

Post the address and phone number in an easy to locate place.  If you have children you may want to drive to the care center and go in to see what it is like. 
This will help if you need to get there in a hurry. You may use your cell phone to notify Dr. Keaton while you are waiting to be seen.

We are a general practice helping with all sorts of family medical needs.  If you are a patient call the office and the front desk people will help.  All calls are recorded and I return the call or have them call you back.
If it is urgent it will be handled immediately and otherwise we get back to you before we stop for lunch or at the end of the day.  We can help you decide the best course of action.

Dr. Dana Keaton
Center For Natural Medicine
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