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Communication with Your Physician August 2007
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Tips to simplify your visit

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Tips to simplify your visit

Tips to simplify your visit and receive the most benefit from your time with the doctor.

1. Make a list: Why are you here today? Identifying any problems or questions you may have before you come in will save time during your visit as well as ensure that all your concerns have been addressed. Our office provides patients with a pen and paper to jot a few notes down while they wait in the lobby; please feel free to utilize these tools.

2. Do not leave confused: Be sure you understand your treatment plan completely. Do not hesitate to ask questions if you are unclear about anything. Also, asking questions will contribute to your overall understanding of your treatment and is a great way to become more conscious and proactive about your health. If you get home and find you have a question please call and ask for clarification. Lifestyle changes are more challenging than a drug prescription, so the doctor writes the plan for you. It is o.k. to call for more help.

3. Treatment for children: There is a tendency to over treat children due to parental concern and a desire to "do something". Ask your doctor the consequences if no treatment is given. Ask how long the treatment should last. Knowing possible side-effects and signs that the treatment is working is helpful for proper care when medicating children.

4. Know your most pressing concern and be prepared to deal with that first. For example if you are concerned with a possible sinus infection and the office has you scheduled to review treatments for your bone health. Let us know so we can shift to address your most pressing concern.

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Establishing good communication with your physician is essential for your health and peace of mind. It is said in America millions find communicating with their doctor a frustrating, nerve-racking experience that is rushed into a few actual minutes with the doctor

At the center our goal is to help you express your needs and to speak clearly and compassionately about your health and treatments. It is not unusual for patients to bring reports, labs and medication prescriptions from other doctors so that I can help them interpret and understand what is best for their unique situation.

We now provide a folder to new patients to encourage patients to collect and maintain their personal medical file. It is helpful to keep your medical history, list of medications, treatment plans and laboratory reports in one place and bring them to your visits along with your concerns and questions.

  • Helpful Questions
  • Here are some questions that can be helpful. We now have a notebook in the waiting room with the following questions on the cover to guide you. Remember : If it is important to you, it will likely be important for Dr. Keaton in her evaluation of your health.

    What is most important for you to discuss at this visit? What other health concerns do you have today?

    If you are not well... When did it begin? Have you had this before? Has anyone else you know had the same thing? Describe your symptoms (use plain language, you do not need to use medical terms): Where is the issue.... What does It feel like... Does anything make it better or worse? Are there any other symptoms you think might be associated with it? Why are you concerned or worried about this symptom? (For example if you complain of a headache and really you are concerned you may have a brain tumor time can be ill spent. Be as honest and direct as possible.)

    For ongoing health issues... What has improved and has anything become worse or not changed? Do you have any reports from other health care providers to discuss with Dr. Keaton? How faithful were you to different parts of the treatment plan? Did you have trouble with any aspect of your treatment? Do you need alternatives or helpful suggestions? Do you have any records or logs to review? Are there any new health related issues to bring up today?

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