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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month October 2005
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    You may know that Dr. Keaton is a specialist in treating persons with cancer. She teaches Oncology (the study of cancer) at the Naturopathic Medical School here in Tempe, so she stays up to date on the subject. She has treatment plans for prevention or to help persons with cancer get the most out of their treatments without all the side effects.

    Dr.Dana Keaton

    Prevention is the goal for most of us. Whether you want to avoid getting cancer or a second occurance, lifestyle is all important. There are published research studies that show fewer people get breast cancer if they follow several guidelines. Even if you have hereditary tendency you can reduce your risk of cancer. It is good news to know you really can do something for yourself.

    Exercise regularly. Make exercise part of who you are. It can become a state of mind. Exercise can be part of your day (walking the stairs at work, pacing while on the phone, or joining the children in a walk or bike ride.) Pick vacations that involve walking or hiking.

    Eat to help your body. If you are new at this consider taking 3 days a month to eat only what nourishes your body. Eat no processed or chemically treated foods. Avoid all foods known to be a problem for your blood type or follow food allergy test plans if you have done testing. The following foods are known to be helpful according to published studies: Fish, especially ocean fish. Vegetables and fruits that are brightly colored such as blueberries, carrots, spinach or yams. Flax seed that is ground. Grains that are not processed and are cooked just enough to make them chewable. (Steel cut oats, brown rice or wheat berries). Soy and other beans or legumes. Societies that eat these in place of larger amounts of animal products have lower rates of most cancers. Vegetables in the broccoli family such as cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, and arugula. Green tea in place of other caffeinated beverages. If it is decaf it is not helpful because the beneficial components are removed with the caffeine.

    Do not smoke. Keep alcohol to a minimum. The odds of getting breast cancer go up 10% for every glass of alcohol you consume on a daily basis. Eat only organic foods. Foods grown with pesticide exposure can even stimulate estrogen receptors.

    Get your rest. Adequate sleep is protective. A regular stress management practice will also help whether it is knitting, reading or meditating it helps reset our hormonal balance in our favor.

    Early Detection

    Early detection is the next best step. A mammogram in addition to monthly breast self-exams, can catch breast cancer early, which increases treatment options and survival rates. Some breast cancer does not appear on mammograms and some shows on a mammogram, but can not be felt so both exams are needed to improve your chances.

    Some women have their partner do the exam if they are uncomfortable with it. You can get shower reminder or direction card at your annual wellness exam at our office. You can also call (602) 246-5753 to request a card from the Babtist hospital. The newer CAD mammograms are more effective. We can refer you to an appropriate facility. You may have heard about the new thermography.

    At this point we do not know if it will miss more early cancers or if it will detect things that look like cancer, but are not. The studies need to be done before we trust our life to this method. I recommend this only as an additional procedure. The five year survival rate for early stage breast cancer is now close to 100 percent.

    Treating Breast Cancer

    Breast cancer is now the most common female cancer. 2 million women have undergone treatment for breast cancer in our country. Being a woman and growing older puts you at risk. If you or a friend is undergoing treatment for cancer please ask them to do a consultation with Dr. Keaton. The goal is to have high survival rates without loss of quality of life.

    Services we provide: Consultations to review records and recommendations from conventional doctors. This can help you understand, sometimes find additional options, and help you feel comfortable with the option selected. We offer pre surgical consultations to assure all testing has been done including newer tests that may improve outcome. The patient receives directions to assure better healing and less chance of metastasis.

    Dr. Keaton has developed plans for improved outcome from radiation and surgery by extensive literature review. You or a friend can be on the best side of the statistics for survival by using chemotherapy and radiation enhancing treatments. Our patients can also expect fewer side effects from their treatments.

    This month celebrate progress in breast cancer with natural treatments and self care. We honor the women and men who have gone before us on this journey.