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It's Allergy Season again! April 28, 2005
Tips from the Doctor
  • Still Stuffy?
  • Symptom Relief from the Center for Natural Medicine
  • Directions on Neti pot (nasal lavage)

  • Greetings!

    Well unfortunately it's "Allergy Season" again! Dr. Keaton wants to give everyone tips to survive this season - whether it be stuffiness, itchy & runny nose, or allergy eyes, she has a natural solution! Read on and you will be very thankful that you did!

    Still Stuffy?

    Here are some Helpful Tips from the Doctor:

    1. Reduce exposure to pollen:

    • Keep surfaces dusted and pollen-free, especially in the bedroom.
    • Change pillow cases each night.
    • Vacuum or dust under and behind bed.
    • Use a portable HEPA air filter in the bedroom and office.
    • Rinse your face and wipe off your hair at least twice a day.
    • Use a Neti pot twice a day.

    2. The "inflammation cascade" is set off by pollen creating mucus, tears and swelling. To slow down inflammation until pollen season ends - do the following:
    • Eat for your blood type, if you know it. ($17 for test at our office)
    • Eat more vegetables and avoid sugar.
    • Stop all dairy products during pollen season.
    • Increase vitamin C with bioflavonoids. Try 6,000 mg.
    • Change to green tea and try Nettles (urtica) tea.

    3. Reduce stress reactions which make all symptoms worse.
    • Rest more each night. Some people use Benadryl to cause drowsiness and stop congestion at night.
    • Eat regular healthy meals with fresh unprocessed foods.
    • Start your day with a quiet time to set your mood and intention.
      Symptom Relief from the Center for Natural Medicine
    stuffy nose

    * for allergy eyes:

    • Similasan eye drops
    • Dolisos Pollinil or Hayfever tablets

    * for itchy, runny nose:
    • Dolisos Hayfever tablets
    • Neti pot
    • Herbal tincture of Euphrasia and Nettles
    • Euphorbium nasal spray

    * for stuffy nose:
    • BHI allergy and/or sinus formula
    • Sinupret tablets
    • Neti pot
    • Herbal tincture with Yerba Santa, nettle leaf and aspidospema
    • Inspirol inhaler through nose
    • Hayfever nasal spray

    * Desensitize with drops that go under the tongue instead of injections. Start Nambudripad allergy elimination technique with Dr. Keaton - be prepared next year!

    * We have Neti pots (nasal lavage) - The following directions will help you be successful with the rinse.
    Directions on Neti pot (nasal lavage)

    Do lavage two or three times a day. If you can obtain a Neti pot, through our office, they make it easier to perform, but if not, just use a nasal bulb or bottle with a very small opening to fit over one nostril. The idea is to get saline into the sinus area so it can thin and rinse out mucus and calm the inflammation by removing the irritant.

    Tricks to help are to use non-iodized salt and filtered water that has no chlorine. Use ¼ teaspoon of salt per cup of water - use warm water (zap in microwave). Lean over the sink with the saline next to you on the counter and a washcloth and tissue close by.

    During the whole process, attempt to keep your forehead lowest, so lean way over. If forehead is not lowest, you may get some stuffiness in your ears (it will go away, but is annoying). Now tilt your head so your forehead is low and head is also tilted to one side. Plug the down nostril with one finger and pour some of the saline into the up nostril. At first, not much may go in, so keep repeating this until it does. Once you think some is in, go ahead and release the plugged nostril. It is best when the saline begins to run out the opposite nostril from the one you poured into. Do both sides, maybe a few times. I generally try to keep some saline in for a moment while plugging both nostrils and breathing through my mouth so the saline can go towards the forehead. Then blow it out the opposite nostril from the one you put it in. Alternate sides back and forth with the same process. Usually you will cough afterward, not more than 15 minutes, while the thin drainage removes itself, then you are cough free for several hours, sometimes even overnight. It sounds worse than it is and I have even done it on vacation with glass of water and salt in a motel room. I do that because I know how effective it is.